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Hi, my name is Carlo Profico, owner of CrossFit Furion in West Berlin, NJ. I want to take a moment to welcome you to our website and to say THANK YOU for considering CrossFit for your fitness goals. I've taught martial arts and fitness classes for years and as you can imagine, I've seen every kind of personality and fitness need you can think of. Overweight, underweight, aggressive & competitive, under motivated & hesitant...every person I’ve ever worked with, man, woman or child is different, with special needs and challenges to overcome, and I've seen our classes help every single one of them improve their strength & cardiorespiratory function, change their body and energize every part of their lives.

We've seen people with chronic weight issues stabilize their weight and build lean muscle. We’ve seen people that consider themselves “non-athletic” find out they are stronger and more athletic than they thought possible. Many people that have long since stop playing on a team can rediscover the joy of being on a team while people that have never been on a team discover the fun and camaraderie for the first time. So, what I'll do on this page is tell you a little about what CrossFit is in general and CrossFit Furion is more specifically, and what methods we use to achieve our results. Take a look at what we do, and see if our philosophy in Fitness lines up with your exercise goals, and if what we teach would be beneficial in your life. Again, THANK YOU for considering CrossFit - it was literally the BEST thing that ever happened to me in my quest for fitness, and I think it's possible that it could be the same for you.

High Blood Pressure, No Energy, Overweight, Borderline Diabetic, Clothes Don’t Fit...


I know what a lot of people are facing these days. I've met thousands of people just like you and I have to tell you, it's a tough time to try and get in shape. Most people I meet are dealing with these daily, 21st Century demands as well as they can, but sometimes the signs of the pressure are obvious. When new members come into our gym we often see:

Crossfit Furion

Blood Pressure Meds

Doctors prescribe them to help people but side effects are scary


Lack of Confidence

Amazing people that are afraid to try something new but could succeed with the right coaching


Difficulty Doing Everyday Tasks

Just getting up or down a flight of stairs can be a major challenge


Sadness & Depression due to being overweight

Many people have struggled and tried different avenues to lose weight and the constant failures are taking it’s toll


Lack of Motivation

Poor nutrition and very low levels of activity will lead to less and less drive to make a change


Clothes keep getting tighter

Putting on weight isn’t just uncomfortable in certain outfits…it just doesn’t feel good


We've specifically designed our classes to help you lose weight, find like-minded people to help motivate you, and make working out fun!

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3X Week

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Train with your partner



Thank you for all you do!


Personal & Team Training

At CrossFit Furion we offer Personal Training sessions that can suit your needs. Each session is 45 min to 1 hour long and can be designed specifically to meet your training needs. The price per session is $40.00 and we can work with your scheduling needs.

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Will You Be Next?
  • Will you be next?
    At CrossFit's not the fastest or strongest that is the Athlete of the Month. It's that member that really exemplifies what it means to be a Furion! That member that helps his classmate with a lift, cheers the loudest, gives it everything they have...enriches the Furion community by being a part of it. That's our Athlete of the Month... Continue Reading

Our Members Discovered Better Health and Fitness
Check out what they think about CrossFit Furion and their experiences here:

  • Anna Whiteman
    Many thanks for introducing us to something so outside the box for the two of us!!! After 25+ years as a couple it has been a pleasure working out with Matt on this level! We have crossed paths in the gym many times but never truly worked out together. It has definitely brought out a…
  • Julia Park
    CrossFit Furion is more than just a gym, it's where I go to see my extended family. When I first signed up I was shy, self conscious and didn't think too much of myself. Over time I gained physical and mental strength with the help of my coaches and fellow Furions pushing me past my…

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