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We have been involved in CrossFit for years. We have put the methodologies to use to help MMA fighters, housewives, children, athletes and the elderly. Our team strives to bring you the highest quality coaching and methodologies to every class and are always working hard to better your experience at Crossfit Furion. If you have a passion for fitness and like to challenge your own limitations, or, if you just want a fun, high energy place to meet new friends, learn about health, wellness and fitness, give us a call!

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  • Anna Whiteman
    Many thanks for introducing us to something so outside the box for the two of us!!! After 25+ years as a couple it has been a pleasure working out with Matt on this level! We have crossed paths in the gym many times but never truly worked out together. It has definitely brought out a…
  • Julia Park
    CrossFit Furion is more than just a gym, it's where I go to see my extended family. When I first signed up I was shy, self conscious and didn't think too much of myself. Over time I gained physical and mental strength with the help of my coaches and fellow Furions pushing me past my…

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About CF Furion


The Furion Mission

We are a fun and high energy box that is focused on helping people get stronger, move better with less injuries and just generally feel better. If you are bored of the gym let us help you light the Fury Within!

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Why We Are Different

Our coaches are knowledgeable about the sport of fitness, passionate about what they do, and strive to bring the best quality to each and every class. We consider every member a part of our family, and will do whatever we can to breed success throughout the entire group. We are excited to be by your side in your journey to a better, healthier lifestyle.

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Everyone that comes into CrossFit Furion gets to try a class for FREE! The free trial class gives you the opportunity to see our facility, meet some of our members and our coaches. It also provides us the opportunity gauge your fitness level and start you at a pace that is right for you.

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  • Thursday 8/27/15 WOD
    Warm Up: 3 Rounds 30' Crab walk forward 30' Crab Walk Backward 30' Walking lunge Forward 30' Walking lunge backward 30' Inchworm push up forward 30' Inchworm push up backward Strength: Deadlift 5 @ 40 % 5 @ 50 % 5 @ 60 % 5 @ 85 % 3 @ 90 % 1 - Max @ 95 % Met Con: Continue Reading

Latest Articles

Harness Fury's Power

  • Exercise, Pregnancy and CrossFit
    Let’s get one thing straight right from the jump...exercise before (obviously), during and after pregnancy are considered, by the majority of the medical and exercise physiology communities as good ideas. Even if you have been sedentary and would like to begin an exercise routine while pregnant, they agree it’s a good idea. Let’s start with some common sense concerns. Any Continue Reading

Diary of a Chalk Whore

  • Start To Sweat The Small Stuff
    Ok people, here I sit a year or so into practicing a handstand. Before I get into all the wonderful and interesting , uplifting, motivating quotes about how awesome and rewarding the pay off of  practice of any craft is. Before I throw the  "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take", thank you Mr. Gretzky. Before I tell Continue Reading

Latest Events

  • Funpetition 2015 for Autism Awareness
    Last year we ran a competition at our CrossFit box just for fun and to introduce non-crossfitters to what we are all about. This year we are looking to run another event to bring together the members of our gym along with other members of the community to help raise money for Autism awareness. I have been coaching children with Continue Reading


Forging Elite Fitness

Our Coaches

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  • Amanda Gerwitz – March 2015
    One of the most important things about CrossFit is community. The bonds we build through blood, sweat and even the occasional tears are strong and help to keep us working on our challenges and frustrations. Amanda epitomizes that aspect of CrossFit. She is ever supportive, full of life and energy. I have not met a person who does not get Continue Reading

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Christmas Party 2014

What a great night with some awesome people.  Everyone had a great time and danced their asses off!  Thanks to...

Thanksgiving Day WOD 2014

Celebrating Turkey Day with friends.  Nothing like getting your day started with, eggnog, reese's cups and a WOD!  Please let...

WOD Gallery

Checkout our WOD gallery! We love snapping photos of our awesome athletes during classes. Maybe there's one of you in here...

Furion’s Fun-petition 2014

Just Some of the AWESOME photos of our members giving it there all at our first ever Fun-petition.  If you...

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Budo Full Range Martial Arts


A Mixed Martial Arts Program for ALL AGES!

Budo has been assisting families get stronger, safer and more confident for over 12yrs.

Budo's MMA program incorporates:
• Combat Sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Karate, Wrestling and MMA
• Functional Fitness, Strength and Conditioning supported by CrossFit Furion's programming
• Personal Defense Readiness™ (PDR) which is based on Tony Blauer's SPEAR System. Quite simply we incorporate PDR to Emotionally, Mentally and Physically manage conflict & violence for any age group.
• Character Development Program - To support Personal Growth in our kids and teens we have developed a Personal Achievement Journal program to assist in building strong successful teamwork and leadership habits.

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